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06.01.2015 14:01 Defence of the Motherland - a sacred duty

Dedicated to the Day of Motherland Defenders

Variety of educational events dedicated to the January 14 – The Day of Motherland Defenders are being held in Fergana region as in all regions of our country.

One of these events was held in the House of officers of Fergana city. The representatives of the general public, writers and poets, soldiers and members of their families have participated in it.

At the event, it was highlighted that large-scale reforms implemented under the leadership of President in the Armed Forces of our country, give good results, increases the interest and desire of youth for military service. Today, the service has become not only a duty, but also an honor.

As it was emphasized, special care and attention in the country are being paid to the military personnel and their families. Military personnel are being provided with accommodation according to the determinate order.

A concert with the participation of artistic teams took place at the event.


M.Sulaymonov, UzA