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15.07.2014 16:58 Children's sports

Championship Over

Championship Over

Uzbekistan swimming championship among boys and girls under 14 has ended in Tashkent. Some 450 junior athletes vied for victory at the competition.

On the last day of the championship, Guzal Sobirova, Aziza Miromonova, Fotima Solikh, Olga Zelinskaya, Nigora Mirzohidova, Valeria Muratova, Komila Salimova and Asal Azimova rose to the podium.

“Such competitions help us to enhance our experience and skills,” says Aziza Miromonova, athlete from Andijan. “My goal is to take part in prestigious international contests in the future and strive to raise the flag of our country even higher.”

UzA, J.Ahmedov, photo by Muhammad Amin