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18.04.2017 09:56

"Youth spring”: platform for dialogue and artistic endeavour

"Youth spring”: platform for dialogue and artistic endeavour The "Youth spring” republican contest-festival of young opera singers has been conducted by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan in cooperation with the Kamolot public youth movement. This contest-festival was devoted to the Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests.

At the Alisher Navoiy Uzbek state grand academic theatre, an award ceremony and a gala concert took place, attended by representatives of various ministries and departments of Uzbekistan, diplomats and representatives of international organizations in this country.

In this country, attention is paid constantly to developing all genres of music, improving the education system for this area so that it keeps pace with the spirit of the modern era, identifying early and supporting and encouraging young talents in the field of music. This kind of attention is an important factor in the provision of good music training for young people from the school age and in the growth of young talents’ ranks.

This fourth "Youth spring” contest-festival serves to further develop this area of music with the number of opera enthusiasts growing.

“Together with young people training in academic singing at the Uzbek state conservatoire, students of art colleges and special music academic lyceums in various regions of our country and young teachers who had just started working in the area of music education had an opportunity to have their ability and talent tested at this contest-festival. This `Youth spring' contest-festival served as a platform for dialogue with young opera singers and made it possible for us to display artistic endeavour at grand places in the capital city,” says Sobirkhoja Botirov, a music teacher at general education school No 41 in Sirdaryo District of Sirdaryo Region.

At this contest-festival, Shuhrat Choriyev, a trainee singer of the Alisher Navoiy Uzbek state grand academic theatre, achieved first place. Sobirkhoja Botirov of Sirdaryo Region took second place. Birdonakhon Matkarimova, a student of the Uzbek state conservatoire, took third place. A number of young opera singers won in various nominations.

At this gala concert, laureates of international contests and contest held in this country performed arias written by Uzbek and world-famous composers.

Nazokat Usmonova, photo by Temur Mamadaminov, UzA