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15.07.2017 10:53

Train of health

In the Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests state programme, it is envisaged to provide medical and social help to people living in distant areas of the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston, Navoiy, Qashqadaryo and Surkhondaryo Regions by arranging trains of health.

For the purpose of ensuring the implementation of these tasks, the Soghlom Avlod Uchun (for a healthy generation) international charity foundation and the Ozbekiston Temir Yollari (Uzbekistan railways) joint-stock company dispatched trains of health to those regions in March-May this year.

Specialists conducted extended medical check-ups of the local population and passed clothes and medicaments on to them. Foodstuffs were delivered to medical and social establishments and families in need of social security.

A press conference has been held in the National Press Centre on measures carried out by that foundation in the area of providing health care services for people living in distant and inaccessible areas of the country and raising their medical culture.

N.Muminov, deputy chairman of the managing board of the Soghlom Avlod Uchun international charity foundation, and others said that the provision of social security by the state for needy sections of the population and low-income families and children of orphanages of Mehribonlik (kindness) and Muruvvat (generosity) is proof that human dignity is paramount in this country.

During the press conference, work that had been carried out by the foundation was analysed. It was said that charity events would be continued in future too.

Mohigul Qosimova, UzA