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20.04.2017 19:55

Those held in high esteem

Those held in high esteem House No 4, Gharovtepa. Ghani Tojiyev, a participant in World War Two, lives in this home.

This writing is on the door of this house in the Ghazira neighbourhood of Jomboy District. It is with a heavy sigh that Ghani Tojiyev, 93, recalls the days of World War Two, the deadliest conflict of the past century.

“At the beginning of that war, I was among the first to go to the front. I participated in bloody battles for three years. In the year 1944, I returned home after sustaining a serious injury. Although there was peace here, life was as difficult as in a warzone. Both old and young alike were working non-stop in fields. I also joined their ranks. But we did not have enough bread on the table. There were posters saying `Everything for the front’. Even after the war, it was not easy to restore normalcy,” Ghani Tojiyev said.

His eyes filled with tears. Then he kept silent for a while. When his two-year old great-grandchild came and was about to hug him, he smiled.

“Thanks be to the Creator, I have lived to see these bright days. We brought up four children and provided them with housing. All of them are happy. I have so many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We experienced many hardships when we were young. At our advanced age, we have been honoured by our state and people. They come and visit me every day and enquire about my health. I went to various sanatoriums for rest. Together with my son, I went to the Tovoqsoy health resort last year. Kindness and care were provided there, of which I was very glad,” says Ghani Tojiyev.

“In accordance with the Presidential decree on awarding us prizes, representatives of the district’s hokimiyat (governorate) came and handed me a monetary prize and memorable gifts from our state. I was very glad,” he said. “May there always be peace in our country,” he also said.

These days, there are many visitors at his home. His children, grandchildren, relatives, neighbours and representatives of the hokimiyat are visiting his place to say congratulations on the holiday.

Gholib Hasanov, photo by Alisher Isroilov, UzA