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12.07.2017 22:30

Seminar for taxpayers

At the Qashqadaryo Regional tax directorate, a training seminar has taken place on ways of solving problems that might arise in the drawing up and submission of declarations by taxpayers and on issues of widely explaining to the population the essence and significance of changes and novelties in the tax legislation.

The event was attended by officials of the regional tax directorate, entrepreneurs and employees of mass media.

It was said at the seminar that in this country, special attention was being paid to raising the role of private ownership and private entrepreneurship significantly, removing barriers and obstacles to their development, reliably and effectively protecting entrepreneurial interests and alleviating the tax burden.

“Norm-setting regulatory acts being adopted in our country create broad opportunities and privileges for entrepreneurs. During today’s event, specialists thoroughly explained the essence and significance of new documents on this sphere, like Presidential decrees and resolutions. Speeches on such themes as `Tax privileges and preferences provided for the development of entrepreneurship and family business’, `The drawing up and submission of tax declarations in the electronic form’ and `The main areas of the tax policy in the year 2017, changes and additions made to the tax legislation’ were heard. Detailed information was given about ways of solving some problems in submitting tax declarations in a timely manner,” says the first deputy chief of the regional tax directorate, Sirojiddin Eshmatov.

During the seminar, there was an exchange of opinions on the drawing up and submission of declarations by taxpayers.

Detailed answers were given to questions that were of interest to participants in the seminar.

Ulmas Barotov, UzA