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21.04.2017 21:17

Neighbourhoods turning into places of culture and enlightenment

Neighbourhoods turning into places of culture and enlightenment President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has visited the “Tabassum” neighbourhood in Olmazor district.

The Head of State held a dialogue with people of the neighbourhood about life there. At the meeting, there was an exchange of views on reforms for the socio-economic development of the district and on work to raise the morality of young people and their book-reading culture.

Neighbourhoods should really turn into places of culture and enlightenment, and for this purpose it is necessary to get people, especially young people, more interested in reading books, the President said.

Books give people knowledge and teach them to love the Motherland.

In the “Tabassum” neighbourhood, more than 5 thousand 300 people of various nationalities live in 27 multi-storey apartment houses. Construction work is being carried out on the building of the neighbourhood citizens gathering centre. It is envisaged that there will be separate offices for the chairman of the neighbourhood, his secretary and advisers and preventive inspector. A hairdressing salon, a beauty salon, a shop and a bakery are to be built there. This will serve to further strengthen such qualities characteristic of Uzbek people as harmony and kindness.

Recently, a playground for children and a futsal field were built and put into use in the neighbourhood. These are new conveniences for young people of the neighbourhood.

Every official should listen to people and help solve their problems, in a word, should work so that they are contented. Only then will they have greater trust in the state and in the future, said the Head of State.

Improving neighbourhoods and creating all favourable conditions for the people are of important significance here.

The President gave officials instructions to improve areas around multi-storey buildings and pre-school day care establishments and to repair pathways in the neighbourhood.

Ziyodulla Jonibekov, photo by Oqil Ghulomov, UzA