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15.06.2017 18:33

Job fair arranged in Qoraozak District

In Qoraozak District of the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston, north-western Uzbekistan, a job fair has been arranged, and 50 graduates have been provided with jobs.

At this job fair held at the Qoraozak economics and services vocational college in cooperation with the district hokimiyat (governorate), the district prosecutor’s office and the district centre for help with employment, 24 enterprises, establishments and farms offered 107 vacant job positions.

Officials said that this year more than 2 thousand new jobs would be created in the district in accordance with a job creation programme.

“I am graduating from this college in the speciality of seamstress. I have just concluded an agreement with an entrepreneurial entity in our district and have got a job according to my speciality. I will use in practice the knowledge I have obtained at the college and try to apply modern methods to produce Qoraqalpoq national clothes,” says Hurliman Qalandarova.

At the job fair, certificates were given to college graduates desiring to set up their own businesses, so that they can obtain preferential credits from banks.

Aminboy Ortiqboyev, UzA