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15.06.2017 20:55

Gulnoza – winner of contest

Gulnoza – winner of contest In the Surxandaryo Regional stage of the “most exemplary adviser of neighbourhood citizens’ gatherings for religious enlightenment, moral and behavioural education” contest, Gulnoza Buronova, adviser of the “Kattabogh” neighbourhood citizens’ gathering for religious enlightenment, moral and behavioural education in Sherobod District, has been declared the winner.

“Advisers’ important tasks are to ensure a stable social-spiritual situation in their neighbourhoods, family unity, the promotion of our national values and a healthy lifestyle among the population, especially young people. I am glad that I am making my contribution to this noble work. These kinds of contests help to further solidify our achievements,” says Gulnoza Buronova.

The contest was arranged by the regional department of the Mahalla (neighbourhood) public charity foundation and the regional women’s committee. At this contest, 14 advisers displayed their knowledge and mastery related to their work.

There are 685 advisers of neighbourhood citizens’ gatherings for religious enlightenment, moral and behavioural education working in the region. Over the past period of this year, they arranged about 7 thousand enlightenment events in neighbourhoods on the preservation of the peaceful situation there, respect for national values and patriotism.

As part of cooperation among families, neighbourhoods and educational establishments, about 4 thousand round-table conversations were held for the purpose of raising the quality and effectiveness of education and ensuring pupils’ attendance at school.

Events entitled “family values”, “family and health” and “on the threshold of family life” being arranged jointly with educational establishments help young people find their worthy place in society.

In neighbourhoods, special attention is also paid to the development of family entrepreneurship and work from home, women’s employment, the holding of weddings and other ceremonies without unnecessary expenditure and the strengthening of the atmosphere of inter-ethnic accord and friendship.

Bakhtigul Holova, adviser of the “Shoqishloq” neighbourhood in Sariosiyo District, took second place, and Zohida Uzbekova, adviser of the “Kosiblar” neighbourhood in Boysun District, took third place.

As part of the event, an exhibition of items of national craftsmanship was arranged by craftswomen. Artistes performed songs at the ceremony.

Holmumin Mamatrayimov, photo by Farhod Abdurasulov, UzA