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17.06.2017 11:28

Guarantee of prosperous living

Guarantee of prosperous living There are 1 thousand 400 small entrepreneurial entities working in Karmana District of Navoiy Region, and nearly 100 of them are family enterprises. The Tiramisu family enterprise which produces more than 40 types of confectionery products for the local population is one of them.

The manager of the company is Masuda Yormuhamedova. She had worked as an individual entrepreneur for four years, and this year, she started the enterprise’s work. Then the number of employees working at the enterprise increased, and the scale of work expanded.

“Families’ prosperity is largely dependent on women. In our country, special attention is being paid to the development of women’s and girls’ entrepreneurial activity, and broad opportunities are being created. This is of important significance to raising the prosperity of families,” says Masuda Yormuhamedova.

Photo by Siroj Aslonov, UzA