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14.06.2017 19:48

769 graduates provided with jobs at Bukhara job fair

769 graduates provided with jobs at Bukhara job fair A job fair has taken place in Bukhara on the slogan of “We have our professions, and with these we will serve for the development of the country”.

This event was arranged by the Region’s hokimiyat (governorate) in cooperation with the regional main directorate for employment and the regional prosecutor’s office.

It was said at the job fair that large-scale work was being done to ensure people’s employment, especially young people’s employment, and to help them find their worthy place in life.

In Bukhara Region, more than 26 thousand young specialists graduate from 80 vocational colleges this year. At the job fair, 734 enterprises and establishments offered more than 5 thousand vacant positions.

Participants in the event acquainted themselves with information about what kind of specialists employers needed and about conveniences created for employees.

“Good working conditions have been created at the Bukhara Tamir LLC, and experienced workers work there. I am glad that I have been given a job placement document for working as an engineer at this enterprise,” says Behruz Naimov.

At the job fair, 769 graduates have been given job placement documents.

Erkin Yodgorov, photo by Tohir Istatov, UzA