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14.04.2017 09:39

Graduates’ job placement

At the Tashkent railway engineers institute, a job fair has been conducted for graduates. 41 enterprises within the system of the Ozbekiston Temir Yollair (Uzbekistan railways) joint-stock company and more than 10 other enterprises participated in it with more than a thousand vacancies.

The rector of the institute, M.Rasulov, and others emphasized that the bringing up of the younger generation to become people of high intellect and the provision of help in the realization of their hopes are priority areas of the state policy being conducted in this country under the leadership of the President.

The system of transportation and supply lines is one of the main indicators of the economic might of the country. Therefore, special attention is paid in this country to training good specialists for this sphere. At the Tashkent railway engineers institute, 6000 students are studying in 23 areas in modern conditions. This year more than 1060 young specialists graduate from this institute.

Job fairs are conducted every year for graduates of the institute. Bilateral agreements are signed with relevant enterprises.

A fourth-year student, Mohinur Usmonova, successfully passed a job interview with specialists of the Ozbekiston Temir Yollair joint-stock company and signed an agreement.

“At this job fair, I found a job according to my speciality. I strengthened my theoretical knowledge acquired at this educational establishment, while attending practice sessions. During the practice sessions, I closely familiarized myself with working conditions at the enterprise. I think this will help me get on with the work quickly,” says Mohinur.

At the job fair, agreements were signed between more than 1060 graduates and employers.

Shahnoza Mamaturopova, UzA