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14.07.2017 16:55

Graduates being provided with jobs

This year, 46 thousand 783 students graduated from secondary special education and vocational training establishments in Qashqadaryo Region.

A special programme of measures has been worked out in the region to provide jobs for graduates. In accordance with this programme, a regional working group was set up to do consistent work on the basis of effective mechanisms for the employment of vocational college graduates.

“Personal information about graduates, specifically their profession, passport data, the name of the enterprise where they had had practice sessions – these data were collected in an electronic database and put under constant control. In line with the specified programme, job fairs have been held at 18 vocational colleges. At these events, every graduate has been provided with detailed information about the work of enterprises, working conditions and goods being produced there,” says Sherzod Jovliyev, chief of a section of the Qashqadaryo regional secondary special education and vocational training directorate.

Special study rooms are being created at educational institutions for strengthening students’ practical knowledge about the professions that they have chosen. There students can become aware of the history of enterprises, conditions at these enterprises today and the types and quantities of goods being produced there. Round-table conversations are being held in these study rooms between students and labour veterans.

In ensuring the employment of vocational college graduates, the attraction of students to entrepreneurial activity is of important significance. This year, 3 thousand 524 students expressed a desire to obtain credits worth 34 billion soms in all for work in such spheres as agriculture, services, food and light industries, transport, information technologies and communications. Now practical measures are being taken to consider their initiatives.

In line with the relevant programme, the implementation of a weekly start-up project also serves to help graduates of vocational colleges and higher educational establishments start their own businesses. Now projects of 663 graduates from the region have been put on the biznes.mehnat.uz web site of the Employment and Labour Relations Ministry of Uzbekistan.

Ulmas Barotov, UzA