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15.03.2017 09:33

Fifth round of Uzbekistan-Iran political consultations takes place in Tashkent

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the fifth round of Uzbekistan-Iran interdepartmental political consultations has taken place. A delegation led by Ebrahim Rahimpour, deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, attended this round of political consultations.

During the meeting, there was discussion about the current state of and prospects for cooperation between Uzbekistan and Iran. It was said that both sides were interested in the further extension of relations in the trade and economic sphere and such areas as investment, transport and supply lines. It was also said that positive trends had been observed in the inter-state relations and in the development of these relations within the UN, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

In the course the discussion, it was said that regularly holding interdepartmental political consultations made it possible to discuss topical issues of the bilateral relations, to work out and put into action areas of cooperation serving the interests of Uzbekistan and Iran. There was an exchange of opinions on regional and international issues.

The Iranian delegation also held talks at Uzbekistan’s Ministry of External Economic Relations, Investments and Trade.

A treaty-fixed and law-based foundation had been created for the further development of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries. There are effective agreements on mutually encouraging and protecting trade-economic relations and investments, avoiding double taxation and on bilateral trade privileges and on cooperation in railway transportation. There are nearly 120 joint ventures with Iranian investment working in Uzbekistan.

At the meeting, there was also discussion about the development of economic relations, trade, transportation and transit. It was said that bringing into operation the Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan-Iran-Oman interregional transport corridor would be of special significance to the development of mutual cooperation.