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15.03.2017 20:34

Entrepreneurs of Nayman – millionaires

If you come to Farghona, make sure that you visit the village of Nayman in Buvaydo District. Why? To see first-hand how a large income can be obtained from a small piece of land.

In recent years, the village improved beyond recognition. In the past, people of Nayman produced only spices and thus made a living. Now they are famous not only in their district but also in the entire region. In this village, houses are improving with every passing year, new modern houses are being built, wedding parties are being held and festivities are conducted.

People of the village have created a unique school of farming. Every family there obtains a yearly income of 20 to 50 million soms from their smallish area of land. Before the beginning of spring field work, an order was placed with Nayman people for the supply of more than 10 million seedlings of peppers, tomatoes and aubergines.

“Thanks to consistent reforms being implemented in our country and constant attention to the further development of household lands, our people’s living standards are rising. Incomes obtained from 500 – 600 square metres of lands changed the lives of the village’s inhabitants. Now they look to tomorrow with greater confidence. Today every family in the village has a car. And their homes are modern,” says the chairman of the Nayman neighbourhood citizens’ gathering, Ikromjon Qochqorov.

Akramjon Yakubov is 73 years of age. And he looks fairly strong and energetic. Together with his wife, children and grandchildren he works in his household land.

“We obtain three harvests a year from a greenhouse on 1000 square metres. Our family’s yearly income is 45 - 50 million soms,” says Akromjon Yakubov.

In the household land of Abdusamat Egamberdiyev living in this neighbourhood, there is a greenhouse on 500 square metres of land. Bell peppers and tomatoes grow there. Abdusamat says the spring harvest will generate 22 25 million soms.

In the neighbourhood, the numbers of entrepreneurial entities and services facilities are rising.

All these are results of reforms directed towards improving people’s living conditions and prosperity.

Masudjon Sulaymanov, UzA