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17.02.2017 09:25

Contest of women with initiative

The Tashkent Regional stage of the “most active woman of the year” contest has taken place in Qibray District.

The contest was arranged by the regional council of the Adolat social-democratic party of Uzbekistan. Women who have initiative, who are working on a voluntary basis at party organizations and who had achieved the highest results in the district and town stages of the contest participated in its regional stage.

The chairman of the regional council of the party, R.Tolipov; and others said that consistent reforms were being conducted in the country to strengthen women’s socio-political activeness, support their initiatives in this sphere and ensure their employment.

Further raising women’s role in society and their social status, strengthening their knowledge and professional ability and encouraging selfless women are among the party’s priority tasks. This traditional contest is becoming increasingly prestigious with every passing year.

The political knowledge, law awareness, active civic position and articulacy of the contest’s participants and their knowledge about national legislation on political parties and international experience in this sphere were tested.

Muhabbat Akbarova from Parkent District achieved first place and is to participate in the republican stage of the contest. Muqaddam Bekmurodova of Angren town took second place, and Salimakhon Akbarova from Pskent District took third place.

Ikrom Avvalboyev, UzA