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10.07.2017 21:27

Construction of the metro in Sergeli district is continuing at a dynamic pace

Construction of the metro in Sergeli district is continuing at a dynamic pace President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with construction of the metro in Sergeli district.

Metro favorably differs from other types of public transport with its convenience, safety and speed. The first metro line, laid in Tashkent in 1977, had a length of 12,2 kilometers and consisted of 9 stations. Chilanzar, Uzbekistan and Yunusabad lines were laid during the development of Tashkent Metro. The total length of lines with 29 stations reached 39 kilometers.

As experts note, construction of the metro in Sergeli district is fraught with a number of difficulties. Therefore, the metro line will be laid above the ground, over the overpasses. 6 stations will be built along the Sergeli line, which will begin from “Olmazor” station of Chilanzar line.

It is planned to allocate 170,1 million dollars for the implementation of this project in 2017-2020. This 7,1 kilometer construction is expected to serve over 14 million passengers per year. The metro line that is being built on the basis of advanced engineering solutions, will pass through Choshtepa makhalla with the final station on Maghrib street in Sputnik massif of Sergeli district.

It was noted that it is necessary to pay attention to the effective use of various types of equipment when building a metro, geological research is also of great importance.

The head of our state noted the need for greening the street with several rows of trees and flowers, which will pass along the line of the aboveground metro.

The President of our country was also provided with information on the progress of construction activities in Yunusabad line of Tashkent Metro. These days, activities are underway on pouring the foundation of “Turkiston” station of this line, the construction of which is scheduled to be completed in 2017-2019.

The design of new metro stations, construction materials that will be used in their decoration, as well as sketches of interior design were demonstrated.

The President of our country emphasized that stations should be wide and bright. It is necessary to conduct a competition among young designers.

Abu Bakir Urozov, photo by Sarvar Ormonov, UzA