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Kelajak Ovozi 2012 Tashkent Regional Stage Winners Identified

29.05.12 15:12

Tashkent regional stage of the republican competition Kelajak ovozi 2012 held by the Fund “Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan” jointly with the Center of Youth Initiatives Kelajak ovozi and public youth movement Kamolot took place at Palace of Culture in Urtachirchik district.

Fergana Summer Camp "Tong" to Receive 1200 Children

24.05.12 17:46

All children’s camps in our country are nearing completion of preparations for the summer recreation season. There are all the necessary conditions to spend meaningful and interesting summer holidays in it.

Vehicles Ready for Harvest Time

24.05.12 17:36

Grain growers of Fergana region expect to collect harvest of grain-crops from 3100 hectares in a short time and without losses.

Teacher of Primary School

24.05.12 16:10

Reforms ongoing in the country in education contribute to the improvement of quality and content of education as well as widely usage of the latest teaching technologies.

Ranks of Young Athletes Expand

23.05.12 21:22

Constant attention paid in Uzbekistan to the development of children’s sports is an important factor in upbringing fully healthy generation.