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New joint venture set up in Fergana

07.01.09 15:55

Last year, more than 10 joint ventures were created in Fergana region. Recently, Uzbek-South Korean joint enterprise Korea Hana Medical was commissioned.

Foreign leaders send congratulations

04.01.09 12:55

A number of heads of foreign states and governments, as well as international organizations, have congratulated President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov with the New Year 2009.

President’s New Year greeting to people of Uzbekistan

01.01.09 0:05

“Dear compatriots! Dear friends! It is a great pleasure for me these exciting minutes to congratulate you sincerely and wholeheartedly with the coming New Year, and, using this opportunity, to express my sincere respect to all of you. The year 2008 is ending. It has to be said that this year in general was not easy for our country. We had to solve a lot of various problems this year.”

Poet Ramz Babajan dies

31.12.08 11:38

People’s poet of Uzbekistan, famous dramatist and translator Ramz Babajan died at the age of 87. Ramz Babajan was born in 1921 in Tashkent. He studied at the Language and literature faculty of the Tashkent State Pedagogical University.

Foreign leaders congratulate with New Year

30.12.08 18:54

Leaders of foreign states and governments have sent their greetings with the New Year and wishes of peace, happiness and prosperity to President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov.

Year of Youth results summed up

29.12.08 18:57

The results of the activities carried out in the framework of the Year of Youth state program were presented up at the press conference in Tashkent.

President’s New Year celebrations start

29.12.08 18:29

The President’s New Year celebrations started in the Turkiston palace in Tashkent on 29 December. Among the invited children are those from the orphanages and low-income families. Wide-scale reforms implemented in Uzbekistan are aimed at support and protection of the young people, which are the leading force of the society.

ADB to provide USD 450 million to Uzbekistan

25.12.08 21:17

The Asian Development Bank is an effective partner of Uzbekistan in implementing large projects in leading economic sectors, education, agriculture and transport. In the comin three years, the bank plans issuing about USD 450 million to Uzbekistan.

Law-enforcement bodies’ coordination council meets

25.12.08 9:49

The Coordination council of the law-enforcement bodies of Uzbekistan held a session to consider the activities to prevent and investigate the crimes related to religious extremism and terrorism.

Uzbek-Turkish business forum held

23.12.08 9:37

The forum of business circles of Uzbekistan and Turkey was held in Tashkent on 22 December. The event was organized by the Ministry of foreign economic relations, investments and trade of Uzbekistan and the Foreign trade ministry of Turkey.

City of Navoi celebrates 50th anniversary

22.12.08 10:12

The 50th anniversary of Navoi city and Navoi mining combine (NGMK) was celebrated last week. The history of the city and one of the leading industrial enterprises of Uzbekistan is closely linked.

New road to shorten way from Ferghana Valley to Tashkent

17.12.08 21:50

Capital reconstruction of the 216-274-km part of the Tashkent-Osh road is underway in Ferghana region. Previously, this road of international importance, which links Ferghana and Andijan region with Tashkent, passed through Kokand.

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