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New Hotel Put into Operation in Termez

06.07.12 8:38

The dynamic development of country’s service sector plays an important role in expanding the number of entities acting in this sphere and creating new jobs.

Children have Meaningful Summer Holiday in "Nurafshon"

05.07.12 19:12

19 camps of Kashkadarya region again filled with children. In the current summer season, 27 thousand 180 pupils spend their summer holiday and all the necessary conditions have been created for them.

Samarkand Triathletes Took First Place

05.07.12 16:46

Uzbekistan championship in triathlon was held in the city of Navoi. Athletes of two age categories competed in the competitions of swimming for 750 meters, cycling for 20 miles and running for 5 miles.

Source of Family Wellbeing

05.07.12 12:34

The development of homestead land is an important factor in improving the welfare of rural population.

New Houses for Young Families

04.07.12 19:05

Large scale work is being conducted in the territories of the Central, Northern, Southern mining departments of Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine, located in the cities of Zarafshan, Uchkuduk, Nurabad, Zarmitan and Marjonbulok.

Quality Paving Slabs

04.07.12 18:21

Private enterprise “Azgulimir husnkor toshlari” in Karshi district of Kashkadarya region is specialized in production of concrete paving slabs.

Young Photographers Exhibition

29.06.12 20:52

12th exhibition of creative photography studio school graduates was held at Tashkent House of Photography.

Efficiency of Agricultural Activities

28.06.12 19:01

Farmers of “Yetti sayyora” farm in Buvayda district of Fergana region have accumulated rich experience in the cultivation of cotton.

Tasty Breads of "Aziz Non"

28.06.12 17:52

10 kinds of pan bread and bakery products being produced by the shop of “Aziz non” at the open joint-stock company “Surxondaryo don mahsulotlari” (Surkhandarya bakery products) are in high demand among consumers.