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First national youth cycling marathon starts in Uzbekistan

22.04.08 10:39

First national youth cycling marathon “Kamolot-Tur” started in Uzbekistan on 19 April. Its participants – including both professional and amateur bicyclers – will travel from the cities of Nukus, Termez and Ferghana to the capital.

President signs resolution on favorable conditions for cattle breeding

21.04.08 23:44

President of Uzbekistan signed a resolution on 21 April on measures to increase the cattle stock in personal subsidiary plots and farms and expand cattle produce. The document aims to stimulate the raise of the cattle stock and thus increase the level of employment and incomes of the rural population, as well as boost meat and milk production.

Uzbekistan International Travel Workshop-2008 held

21.04.08 23:11

International tourism forum “Uzbekistan International Travel Workshop-2008” was held in Tashkent on 21 April. Representatives of more than 30 companies from Uzbekistan, UAE, Malaysia, Syria, Azerbaijan and Turkey, experts and diplomats participated in the event.

Afghan energy and water resources minister visiting Uzbekistan

21.04.08 21:55

Minister of energy and water resources of Afghanistan Muhammad Ismailkhan is on a visit in Uzbekistan. On 21 April, he met chairman of the Uzbekenergo state joint-stock company Botir Teshaboyev. The sides considered expansion of cooperation between the two countries in energy sector and possibilities of implementation of new projects.

Fine Arts Week 2008 starts in Uzbek capital

21.04.08 20:59

The Week of Fine Arts 2008 started in the Arts Academy of Uzbekistan on 21 April. The main goal of the forum is to showcase the latest achievements in fine arts and provide the artists with the opportunity to discuss issues of interest.

Problems and perspectives of tourism industry discussed in Tashkent

21.04.08 19:04

Expert council for sector development held a session in Tashkent on the topic “Tourism industry of Uzbekistan: problems and perspectives”. Representatives of the state bodies, private tourist companies and the expert community participated in the event.

Industrial fair of chemical industry opens

21.04.08 18:02

Industrial fair of chemical enterprises that constitute State Company “Uzkimyosanoat“opened In Tashkent. Now enterprises of the “Uzkimyosanoat”, produce rubber products, chemical reagents, various mineral fertilizers, an artificial fibre, polymeric materials, inorganic substances are made for power generating, gold mining and light industry, means of chemical protection of plants; totally more than 250 types of products.

Student Spring 2008 festival to be held in Samarkand in May

21.04.08 9:14

Student Spring 2008 festival will be held in Samarkand in May among the students of the universities of Uzbekistan. The event is being organized by the Kamolot youth movement, Ministry of higher and specialized secondary education, Ministry of culture and sports, Professional unions federation and Samarkand regional administration. A number of activities will be held during the festival, including meetings and discussions on sociopolitical, cultural and sports topics.

Experience of ombudsmen of Spain and Uzbekistan discussed in Tashkent

19.04.08 13:16

The delegation of Ombudsman of Spain headed by the Defensor Del Pueblo Enrique Mugica Herzog, which is on a return visit in Uzbekistan, took part in the conference “Activity of Ombudsman in protection of human rights: experience of Spain and Uzbekistan” in Tashkent.

President of Uzbekistan to visit Kazakhstan

18.04.08 20:10

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov will pay an official visit to Kazakhstan on 22-23 April on the invitation of this country’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev. During the meetings in Kazakhstan, the sides will consider issues of expansion of cooperation between the two countries, as well as issues of regional and international importance.

Cabinet of Ministers sums up country’s development in 1Q 2008

18.04.08 18:47

Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan held a session on 18 April to sum up the results of the country’s socioeconomic development in the first quarter of 2008. According to the statistics, growth of the GDP in the first three months of the year comprised 8.1%, industrial growth 10.6%, agricultural production increased 4.8%, construction works 5%, retail trade 12.7% and paid services 19.8%.

Legislative Chamber considers several laws

17.04.08 20:05

Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan held its regular session on 17 April. Speaker of the chamber Diloram Tashmuhamedova chaired the session. The deputies considered the draft law on introducing changes and addenda in the Air Code of Uzbekistan. After the discussion and corrections, the chamber passed the law, which will be sent to Senate for approval. A number of other draft laws were also reviewed.

Uzbektourism participates in international festival in Turkey

17.04.08 16:01

Tourist companies from almost 20 countries, including Uzbekistan, are participating in the International Tourism Festival in Cappadocia, Turkey. Uzbektourism is representing the country at the forum, demonstrating Uzbekistan’s tourist potential to the participants. The company will be holding negotiations with various foreign companies on increasing the flow of tourists to Uzbekistan.

Textile equipment exhibition opens in Tashkent

17.04.08 15:10

Fourth Central Asian International Exhibition Textile Equipment CAITME 2008 opened in Tashkent on 16 April. Some 130 companies from almost 20 states are participating in the event, which aims to demonstrate the latest local and foreign products, as well as expand cooperation between the Uzbek and foreign producers.

New governor of Samarkand region appointed

16.04.08 20:50

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov participated in the extraordinary session of the Samarkand regional People’s deputies council on 15 April. The session participants considered appointment of a new government for the region. Azamkhon Bahromov, who was acting governor, was freed from this post, and Uktam Barnoyev, first vice-minister of agriculture and water resources, was appointed the new regional governor.

Spanish ombudsman visiting Uzbekistan

16.04.08 20:18

Ombudsman of Spain Enrique Múgica Herzog is on a visit in Uzbekistan. On 16 April, the Spanish Ombudsman met the chairman of the Senate’s Committee for Foreign Policy Sadyk Safayev.

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