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Bazar-Art exhibition ends

20.03.09 16:23

The exhibition and fair Bazar-Art 2009 ended at the Tashkent National arts center. The event promotes the national heritage and demonstrates the craftsmen’s creative potential.

Senate to hold plenary session on 27 March

18.03.09 17:41

The Kengash (Council) of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan held a session to consider the preparation to the plenary session of the Senate, which is scheduled for 27 March.

Uzbekistan Energyweek starts

18.03.09 16:04

The fourth international specialized exhibition Uzbekistan Energyweek 2009 started in Tashkent. The veent has been organized by exhibition company IEG Uzbekistan with support of the Uzbekenergo company, State committee for nature protection, Commerce and industry chamber and other structures.

Children's fashion festival held

17.03.09 11:01

The festival of children’s fashion Bolajonlar-Shirintoylar 2009 was held in Tashkent. More than 370 samples of new clothes from almost 50 collections were presented at the event.

UZS 241 billion of mortgage credits issued in 2008

12.03.09 17:51

The banks of Uzbekistan provided mortgage credits worth UZS 241 billion to the population last year, which is 74% more than in 2007. The preferential credits comprised almost UZS 70 billion, it was said at a meeting on mortgage and consumer credits held in Tashkent.

UzBuild and MebelExpo Uzbekistan exhibitions open

11.03.09 11:19

International exhibitions UzBuild 2009 and MebelExpo Uzbekistan (Furniture) exhibitions opened in Tashkent on 10 March. The events have been organized by the companies ITE Uzbekistan and I.T.E. Exhibition & Conferences Ltd (Great Britain) jointly with the Ministry of foreign economic relations, investments and trade, Commerce and industry chamber, State architecture and construction committee, Uzstroymateriali company, Tashkent city administration and Fayz holding.

Children's fashion festival

11.03.09 10:03

Children’s fashion festival “Bolajonlar-shirintoylar 2009” will be held in Tashkent during 12-14 March. The aim of the festival is identification of talented designers and modellers, and introduction of production of their works, created according to local climatic conditions.

BANKEXPO 2009 opens in Tashkent

10.03.09 19:54

The annual national exhibition of banking technologies, equipment and services BANKEXPO 2009 opened in Tashkent. The exhibition features sectors like banks, financial organizations, insurance companies, e-banking, mobile systems, money transfer and video monitoring systems, security, IT for banking and financial institutions, design and production of plastic cards and others.

Technology that saves

09.03.09 9:47

In 2007 fruit and vegetable growing farm «Ilonsoy agroinvest» in region Samarkand area introduced the technology of drip irrigation. The problem of irrigation was solved thanks to modern technologies which increased the crop by 1,5-2 times at 60 hectares of land.

Celebration of care and beauty

07.03.09 13:18

On the March 6 the ceremonial gathering devoted to International Women’s Day took place at the “Turkiston” palace. Women working in various sectors of the economy and social sphere, activists of women’s committees, consultants on religious education and spiritual and moral education, Zulfiya State award laureates were invited to the event.

Greetings from President of Uzbekistan for International Women's Day

06.03.09 21:14

Today, when our beautiful and prosperous land increasingly feels the long-awaited breath of spring, it gives me great pleasure wholeheartedly congratulate you, the women of Uzbekistan, with a wonderful holiday of March 8, to express you my deep respect and sincere good wishes.

«Global financial and economic crisis, ways and measures to overcome in Uzbekistan»

05.03.09 21:08

Publishing house «Uzbekistan» released the book of President Islam Karimov, «Global financial and economic crisis, the ways and measures to overcome in Uzbekistan». One of the most pressing issues of contemporary is the assessment of the causes and conditions for the brake out of the global financial and economic crisis in 2008 that only deepens over the time, as well as on that basis to find out the necessary steps to overcome its negative effects. At the same time, while evaluating the reasons for the deepening crisis, many international experts and specialists come across to more questions than answers.

Athletics competition "Healthy woman - healthy society"

04.03.09 22:20

Athletics competitions «Healthy woman – healthy society» was organized by the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Culture and Sports for the International Women’s Day March 8 at the sports complex, of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek.

Press-conference on program of state statistical works for 2009

03.03.09 20:53

The great importance of timely, objective and reliable reporting capabilities was stated at a press conference at the National Press Center, during where representatives of the Republic of Uzbekistan State Committee for Statistics briefed on the program of state statistical works for 2009.

Opening of new building of Turkmenistan Embassy in Tashkent

25.02.09 18:07

During the state visit of Gurbanguli Berdimuhamedov to Uzbekistan in March 2008, the foundation of the new embassy building was laid. Built in short-term, the new embassy building made a great impression on the distinguished guest.

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