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First match and first victory

04.10.10 19:26

Youth team of Uzbekistan on football won the team of China in the first match of Asian Championship with a score of 1:0.

Amnesty act implemented

04.10.10 16:37

On the proposal of President Islam Karimov, The Senate of Oliy Majlis passed the decree “on Amnesty in connection with the 19th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistam” on 28 August of this year.

Excellent grapes of Altyaryk

04.10.10 15:26

The grapes are the invaluable gift of nature. According to scientists, the consumption of grape normalizes blood pressure and helps improve cardiac function. It contains flavonoids, which reduce the amount of salt in the body.

Seminar discusses media development issues

01.10.10 10:04

Within the state program of the Year of harmoniously developed generation, a seminar training was held in Tashkent devoted to the introduction of modern methods of shooting and editing television programs for youth.

More fish to be produced

30.09.10 20:47

As the result of reforms, carried out under the leadership of President Islam Karimov on the further development of agricultural products, the needs of population in such foods as meat, milk, flour, vegetable oil, eggs are fully complied.

Dreaming under the sound of organ...

30.09.10 20:39

In Uzbekistan, a special attention is given to the development of ancient traditions and national musical art at the initiative of President Islam Karimov. The decision of the Head of State “On state program of material-technical base strengthening and further improvement of children’s music and art schools in 2009-2014” dated 8 July, 2008 is important in this direction.

Water sports center opens in Yangiyer

30.09.10 20:26

Built with the assistance of Syrdarya regional branch of Children’s Sport Development Fund under the State program of the “Year of the harmonically developed generation,” the new center was a worthy gift for the youth.

Victory of Uzbek chess players

30.09.10 19:14

The meeting of the eighth round of World Chess Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, ended successfully for Uzbek chess players.

New plant commissioned in Urgench

29.09.10 20:21

A new plant for the production of slate was put into operation in Urgench city within the framework of anti-crisis measures program.

Human rights issues, healthy lifestyle, new laws discussed

29.09.10 19:59

Within the decree of the President of Uzbekistan on State Program of the Year of Harmoniously Developed Generation dated January 2010, the special attention is drawn to formation of healthy lifestyle among young people, implementation of comprehensive measures to shield youth from alcoholism, drug addiction and other various adverse effects and religious and extremist flows that are alien to Uzbek mentality.

New pharmaceutical company launched

29.09.10 13:27

The Uzbek-German joint pharmaceutical company UzGerMed Pharm was put into operation in Yukorichirchik district of Tashkent region.

Uzbek judoists on winners podium

28.09.10 18:51

More than 100 athletes from almost 20 countries competed for prizes and for ranking points, which give the right to participate in the forthcoming 2012 in the London XXX Summer Olympic Games, in the judo competitions at the World Cup among women, which were held in the capital sports complex “Uzbekistan.”

Murod Inoyatov wins International tournament

28.09.10 15:56

The member of the national tennis team of Uzbekistan Murod Inoyatov won the top prize in the doubles at the tournament of the international series Futures of International Tennis Federation (ITF) in Iran.