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Museum in the village of Vodil

15.07.17 10:54

Museum in the village of Vodil

In Farghona District’s park of culture and recreation located in the village of Vodil, modern attractions have been installed and a zone of relaxation has been created for representatives of the older generation.

Train of health

15.07.17 10:53

In the Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests state programme, it is envisaged to provide medical and social help to people living in distant areas of the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston, Navoiy, Qashqadaryo and Surkhondaryo Regions by arranging trains of health.

Place of harmony

14.07.17 21:07

Place of harmony

The role and prestige of the mahalla (neighbourhood) institution in life are rising. This serves to further strengthen the stability of the moral climate in localities and to raise the prosperity of the population. This can be seen in the example of the Qumqishloq neighbourhood in Toshloq District of Farghona Region.

Respecting craftsmanship

14.07.17 16:57

Respecting craftsmanship

Craftsman Tohir Rahimov living in Nurota District of Navoiy Region has been engaged in marble carving for many years.

Graduates being provided with jobs

14.07.17 16:55

This year, 46 thousand 783 students graduated from secondary special education and vocational training establishments in Qashqadaryo Region.

Seminar for taxpayers

12.07.17 22:30

At the Qashqadaryo Regional tax directorate, a training seminar has taken place on ways of solving problems that might arise in the drawing up and submission of declarations by taxpayers and on issues of widely explaining to the population the essence and significance of changes and novelties in the tax legislation.

Bright future

12.07.17 20:35

Bright future

In the Uzbekistan Art Academy’s Ikuo Hirayama international caravanserai of culture, nearly 60 works of art by young artists are being displayed, including those entitled “Kindergarten”, “House of Fashion”, “Dolphinarium”, “Hotel’s interior”, “Abstraction” and “Circle of Colours”.

Sports festival at recreational facility

11.07.17 22:13

At children’s recreational facility called “Mashal” in Parkent District of Tashkent Region, a sports competition has been conducted on the slogan of “A healthy lifestyle is the foundation of our life”.

Young people sing about the Motherland

10.07.17 19:02

Young people sing about the Motherland

In the state conservatoire of Uzbekistan, the final phase of the contest entitled “You are the only one, my sacred Motherland” has taken place in the system of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education. This contest is devoted to the 26th anniversary of the independence of Uzbekistan.

Enterprise’s work expanding

10.07.17 17:41

As a result of special attention being given to small business and private entrepreneurship development, the scale of the production of competitive and high quality products is expanding.

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