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Music Calls for Goodness

10.01.13 16:32

In Uzbekistan, wide opportunities are being created for the education of harmoniously developed generation, manifestation of their creative potential and talents as well as mastering the secrets of art and music.

High Quality and Tasty Breads

10.01.13 11:06

Bakery products manufactured at the shop "Issiq non" under the open joint stock company "Fargonadonmahsulotlari" are in great demand in the market.

Enhancing the Quality of Medical Services

09.01.13 8:18

In Uzbekistan, strengthening the health of mothers and children became a priority of the state policy. As a result of extensive reforms carried out in the health care system of the country, strengthening the material-technical base of maternity hospitals, operating within the medical associations in places

Foundation of a Prosperous Life

08.01.13 21:18

Toshmurza Yuldashev is an associate professor of Karshi Engineering Economic Institute. His wife is working as a teacher at the school number 11 of Karshi. The couple sure that honest work is the foundation of a prosperous life.

Improving tourism sector

08.01.13 20:38

Correspondent of the Uzbekistan National Information Agency has spoken to the head of the Khorezm regional branch of "Uzbektourism" National Company Odilbek Rakhimov on newly created conditions for tourists, tourist attractions in the region, development of tourist infrastructure. 

Safe Maternity and Childhood

07.01.13 20:17

Particular attention in Samarkand region is being paid to further  improve the activities of childbearing centres under the Presidential resolution ''On the 2009-2013 Program of measures to further strengthen and enhance the effectiveness of the process to improve reproductive health, childbirth, to upbring physically and spiritually developed generation" dated July 1, 2009.

Protecting the Motherland is a Sacred Duty

07.01.13 17:05

In connection with the 14th January – Day of Defenders of the Motherland, spiritual and educational events with the participation of military personnel, famous writers and poets, artists and young people are being held as in all parts of the country also in Namangan region.

Practical Manifestation of Humanism

07.01.13 15:47

Measures were taken to ensure social adaptation of returnees from places of punishment according to the amnesty, their provision with material and moral support, as well as permanent job.

Livestock Breeding Develops

05.01.13 12:19

Particular attention in the livestock farms of Namangan region is paid to increasing the number of pedigree cattle.

Quality Health Care Services

04.01.13 14:49

At the medical center of "Doctor Sardor" located in Jarkurgan district of Surkhandarya region, patients are provided with timely and quality medical services.

Two new channels in Uzbek TV

02.01.13 15:20

National TV and radio company of Uzbekistan started to broadcast two new channels- Madaniyat and Ma’rifat (Culture and Enlightenment) and Dunyo Boylab (Around the World) on 31 December 2012.

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