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01.08.2018 02:09

Work on expanding the tax base is not organized at the proper level

Issues of mobilizing reserves for additional revenues to local budgets and ensuring their effective use were discussed at the meeting devoted to issues of accelerating cotton development.

It was noted that by the end of July, the tax authorities are planning to collect almost 4.7 trillion sums and provide additional 889 billion sums to the budget, but some regions are implementing the plan at the expense of large taxpayers. Work on expanding the tax base by covering taxation of trade points, services, small business subjects, working with inactive entities is not organized at the proper level. There is almost no growth in the number of taxpayers. Khokims and their first deputies should analyze this situation and take more serious approach to work. This is the only way to improve the situation in this sphere.

Measures taken on implementing forecast of products’ exports and services were also considered at the meeting.

Following the results of January-July of 2018, export to 7.2 billion dollars and implementation of forecast indicators by 104 percent or almost 127 percent compared to the same period of 2017 is expected in the country. But this figure does not reflect the growth of exports in all spheres. For example, fruit and vegetable exports may increase in some regions, but export forecasts for industrial products may not be implemented. In order to fully achieve forecast indicators, responsible persons should comprehensively study the issue and take necessary measures.

Reports of Deputy Prime Ministers, ministers and khokims were heard at the meeting on the discussed issues.

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