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01.09.2011 14:03

Winning the future with our own strides

Festive celebrations occasioned to the 20th anniversary of national independence have taken place at Alisher Navoi National Park of Uzbekistan.

Twenty years ago, President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov announced independence of our Motherland. A new independent state – Republic of Uzbekistan – emerged on the world map. A full member of the international community has become a country with a rich history and cultural heritage, enormous economic and enlightened capacities, with the people whose great forefathers had made an invaluable contribution to the evolution of world civilization, science and culture.

These days, our nation celebrates the great wide historic date – the 20th anniversary of independence of Uzbekistan, which is celebrated under the topic “Dearest, Holiest Motherland – Independent Uzbekistan”. It instills in the hearts of fellow citizens the feeling of boundless pride. We are more deeply aware of the enormous importance and essence of independence as the basis for fundamental transformation in society and people’s consciousness, its role in the political, social and economic life.

19.00. Those gathered for festive celebrations welcome the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov with applause.

Modern technical devices that are installed on the grand square attracted the attention of the audience. The screen demonstrates the unique video footage – the proclamation of independence of our country on August 31, 1991. Islam Karimov pronounces the following words: “I suggest to declare September 1, starting from today, Independence Day in the Republic, a national holiday.”

After independence, President Islam Karimov put forward the idea of “Uzbekistan – a state with a great future”, stressing that it is not just a dream but a realistic goal, the achievement of which our nation relies on its great history and endless possibilities, and opened it deep socio-economic cultural and spiritual foundation. Carried out for the last time large-scale work, achieved significant results confirm that the people of Uzbekistan are really able to build a great future for their own hands.

… Attention again attracted huge screens. They demonstrated episodes connected with the adoption of the National Anthem, flag, constitution. Alternate history stuff: proudly flies the flag of Uzbekistan to the United Nations building, Uzbek President speaks at the UN and participates in international meetings, built in the years of independence, the majestic buildings, modern look of our towns and villages, and heroic work of our countrymen in various industries, the success of our young people … These images, in tune with the noble feelings which fill our hearts, as if turning over in front of our eyes Chronicle of independence, a new history of the people.

The foundation of independence was laid in 1989 with the election of the leader of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov. As the head of state Islam Karimov took courage and determination to protect the rights and interests of the country’s people. The institution of President was established in Uzbekistan on March 24, 1990, the first such act among the Soviet republics. This was a manifestation of courage, an important step towards the attainment of national sovereignty.

Twenty years. In the annals of the independence they had already written in golden letters as equal ages in the way of building a new society, a new state based on democratic principles and market economics.

UzA, photos by Farhod Qurbonboyev, Sarvar Ormonov and Alo Abdullayev
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