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03.08.2018 21:45

“Uzsharobsanoat” should study foreign experience and internal opportunities

At the meeting devoted to issues of expansion of vineyards and development of winemaking it was noted that by now seedlings of grapes of wine varieties have been planted only on 390 hectares. By the autumn it is planned to create vineyards on 2.5 thousand hectares out of 6.8 thousand hectares of land allocated by khokimiyats.

The reason for the crop failure and, consequently, the lack of raw materials are the passiveness and indifference of agro firms of “Uzsharobsanoat” JSC. Grapes are grown on 1.1 thousand hectares of land belonging to 21 agro firms, the remaining 1.3 thousand hectares are not developed at all. These agro firms completed the 2017 with a loss of 3 billion sums.

Taking this into account, responsible persons were instructed to develop a five-year program on accelerated development of viticulture and grapes processing, modernization of existing and creation of new production capacities on production of alcoholic beverages.

It was noted that when developing the program, it is necessary to provide for measures on allocation to winemaking enterprises not 10 thousand, but 20 thousand hectares for the organization of vineyards of wine varieties and modern seed plots. It is also necessary to include in the list of conditions the issuance of licenses to wine and vodka factories of requirements on creation of vineyards of wine varieties and organization of production of ready-made wine products, to critically review the activities of agro firms in “Uzsharobsanoat” system, to develop measures on providing undeveloped or inefficient land to private owners for cultivation of wine grape varieties by the cluster method.

It will take time until new vineyards start harvesting. They should use it wisely and arrange production of wine, vinegar and cider from various fruits. This will also prevent the loss of fruits that remain unprocessed. “Uzsharobsanoat” JSC should study foreign experience and internal opportunities, envisage in the new program of measures on organization in the current year and expansion in the future of wine and other fruit products.

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