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01.01.1970 06:00:00

The State Committee has been instructed to develop a five-year program

At the meeting devoted to the analysis of the ongoing activities on improving environmental situation and protection of the environment, the State Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection has been instructed to develop, jointly with relevant ministries, a five-year program on streamlining waste collection stations in cities and developing sanitation services in rural settlements.

It is necessary to provide measures in this program on optimal organization of waste collection sites on model projects based on the number of residents of multi-storey houses, increasing the purchase of special equipment for transporting waste, phased coverage of rural population with sanitary cleaning services, expansion of participation of entrepreneurs in the sphere on the basis of public-private partnership on the order of unitary enterprises “Toza hudud” (Clean zone).

The President of the country, speaking of recycling household waste, noted the need of studying and widely implementing the experience of foreign countries.

60-65 percent of waste is recycled in countries such as Germany, Belgium, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, 20-25 percent of waste is used for power generation, the rest is burned without the need for landfilling the waste, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev. As a result, rational use of land resources and economic effect is achieved, negative impact on the environment decreases.