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07.07.2017 21:51

The complex of Sultan Uvais Karani will be landscaped

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the project of reconstruction of the shrine of Sultan Uvais Karani in Chartak district.

The head of our state during his visits to the regions of the country pays special attention to the study of history, revival of the spiritual heritage of each region. Visits sacred places, gives directions on their landscaping.

One of such pilgrimage sites is the complex of Sultan Uvais Karani in Namangan region. It consists of a mausoleum, a mosque, a symbolic gate and a museum.

The head of our state gave recommendations on repairing the shrine with the use of ancient techniques of architecture, turning it into a well-maintained place, creating necessary conditions for visitors, opening a library and educating the younger generation as highly spiritual people.

Anvar Samadov, UzA
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