Uzbekistan National News Agency

17.07.2017 08:32

Shavkat Mirziyoyev: “We must raise the youth worthy of our great ancestors, educated and enlightened individuals”

The head of our state visited “Islomobod” makhalla of Yunusabad district.

A presentation of the project on transition to 11-year school education was held in Yunusabad professional college of computer technologies, located in the territory of the makhalla. The event was attended by makhalla activists and parents of students.
Our people had brought up great thinkers who made a huge contribution to the development of world civilization. We must raise the youth worthy of our great ancestors, educated and enlightened individuals, said President Shavkat Mirziyoyev. School education is especially important in this. A school forms the adolescent’s personality in a favorable environment, students are under control of teachers and parents. There is different situation in colleges and lyceums. Therefore, taking into account opinions and proposals of parents and the general public, 11-year school education is re-organized.

The need for development of comprehensively thought-out educational programs for schools with 11-year education, providing them with qualitative literature was noted. Once a week, students will be able to study different professions in training and production complexes organized at schools or in professional colleges.

Continuing education at school or entering a professional college is a choice for the student himself/herself. It is important that youth would grow up as a well-mannered, in respect of their parents, as patriots of their country, said the President of our country.

3 165 people are living in “Islomobod” makhalla. However, there is no school in the territory of the makhalla. Children have to go to schools located in other makhallas. At the meeting, the makhalla activists and parents proposed transformation of Yunusabad professional college of computer technologies into a 11-year educational school. The President of our country instructed responsible officials to consider this proposal.

The head of our state was also provided with information on proposals for organization of “Temurbeklar maktabi” lyceums under the Ministry of defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with a group of activists of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan. During the meeting, issues of full support of gifted youth, providing them with houses, organization of the House of young composers in the capital and others, were considered.

Ziyodulla Jonibekov, UzA