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01.01.1970 06:00:00

Shavkat Mirziyoyev: Personnel are the guarantee of the National Security Service’s effective activity

At the expanded collegium meeting of the National Security Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan, President of the country emphasized that the National Security Service, as one of the state power structures, must carry out its activities according to the principle “People must not serve the Government bodies, rather the Government bodies must serve the people”, which has become a guide to action for all ministries and agencies of the republic.

Importance of developing and adopting the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the National Security Service” this year, which will determine the main functions and tasks of the National Security Service and, most importantly, will allow to clearly delineate authority of the power bodies, was noted.

The Head of the state emphasized that personnel are the guarantee of effective activity of the National Security Service, as well as of any other agency or organization, especially its leading employees, their dedication, professionalism, hard work and high responsibility.

Departments of the National Security Service should, within the framework of their competence, provide active assistance to the population in solving their problems, local government bodies and other state bodies – in implementation of large-scale reforms.

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan demanded special attention from leaders and professors of the educational institutions of the National Security Service for educating young personnel in the spirit of devotion to the Motherland, strict observance of the requirements of the national legislation, resistance to various experiences, aspiration for constant self-improvement and professional growth.