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31.10.2018 00:37:21

Shavkat Mirziyoyev: Medical workers’ wages should be increased by 26.5 percent

At the meeting, which was held by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev on October 30, instructions were given on submitting to the Oliy Majlis in the near future a well-designed Budget Message for 2019 and a draft of a relevant law on introducing amendments to the tax policy.

Instructions were also given on introduction of a simplified mechanism for paying value-added tax, inventory and optimization of existing benefits.

When discussing the expenditure part of Budget 2019, the President noted that expenses should be focused mainly on social and economic spheres.

We must continue the policy of raising wages, pensions and benefits from the budget not lower than the inflation rate. Main attention should be paid to social workers with relatively low wage growth rates, including raising wages of medical workers by 26.5 percent, higher education and science institutions’ workers – 1.5 times, the President said.

As noted at the meeting, it is planned to increase social expenditures by 20 percent, and the share of wages and equivalent payments in the State budget from 49 to 54 percent.

Attention was paid to implementation of the adopted state programs. It was noted that it is necessary to attract foreign funds for this purpose on favorable terms, to form and include in the Investment Program 2019 a specific list of objects to be repaired within the framework of “Obod qishloq” (“Prosperous village”) and “Obod makhalla” (“Prosperous neighborhood”) programs.

Instructions were given on targeted and effective use of budgetary funds, further strengthening control in this sphere.

Reports of responsible managers on the issues discussed at the meeting were heard.