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09.07.2017 16:27

Shavkat Mirziyoyev: “Landscaped makhalla – prosperous country”

The head of our state visited a citizens’ gathering of “Orzu” makhalla in the city of Namangan, where he got acquainted with activities of the citizens’ gathering, and service residence of a preventive officer.

In accordance with the decree of the First President of our country “On additional measures of expanding the scale of housing construction in rural areas” of August 3, 2009, 708 houses and a new building of citizens’ gathering were built in 2014-2016 on the basis of standard housing in the makhalla. There are a chaikhana (teahouse), shopping centers, a playground for playing mini-football, various attractions for children in the makhalla with the population of more than 6,3 thousand people.

There are separate rooms for the chairman, secretary and advisers of the makhalla, for the inspector in the building of citizens’ gathering. The library is provided with modern information and communication technologies, various literature. A service residence next to the building of the citizens’ gathering was built for the preventive officer this year.

In the process of ongoing reforms under the leadership of the President of our country, a new system of operational communication between internal affairs bodies is being created in all regions of Uzbekistan with the use of modern information technologies. The head of our state held a dialogue with employees of Khiva district department of internal affairs of Khorezm region through a video-conference in the office of the inspector of the citizens’ gathering of “Orzu” makhalla.

It is necessary to improve activities of preventive officers, increase their personal responsibility, analyze each committed crime. Providing inspectors with service residence and cars on the basis of concessional loans will serve to the most effective and close interaction of inspectors with each family in the makhalla, said the head of our state.

Umar Asrorov, UzA
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