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01.08.2018 01:14

Shavkat Mirziyoyev: household plot is employment of the population, source of income

Effective use of household plot is also important in the increase in the volume of procurement of food products and saturation of the domestic market with affordable products. A new system was introduced in this sphere in the current year, 161 “Tomorqa khizmati” (“Household services”) enterprises were organized. 471 billion sums of loan funds are planned to be allocated for establishing their activities. This was reported at the meeting that was held on July 31, chaired by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev. 

Fund for Supporting Farmers, Dehkan Farms and Owners of Household Lands has been established. It has been allocated 500 billion sums. So far, 62 billion sums of the Fund have been allocated for product cultivation, organization of greenhouses on household plots, the purchase of machinery and equipment. 

Within the framework of the program “Every family is an entrepreneur”, the population has been allocated 400 million dollars. 

All this contributes to increasing incomes, providing employment, improving the living standards of the population through increasing production, organizing greenhouses on household plots, keeping poultry and livestock at home. 

However, despite the efforts being taken, the Council of Farmers, Dehkans and Owners of Household Lands and “Tomorqa khizmati” system do not show sufficient activity in organizing the effective use of household plots. 

– The system created for the effective use of household plots is obliged to give a result. We will evaluate its effectiveness by changing the living conditions of the population and prices in the domestic market. All leaders must clearly understand: household plots are employment of the population, a source of income, – the Head of the state said. 

An order has been established according to which an unemployed member of a family keeping cattle, 50 poultry, receives one year of guaranteed work experience in case of deductions to the pension fund in a single amount of the minimum wage. This privilege promotes that the population engaged in farming at home, especially women and youth, can receive a pension in the future. Responsible persons should take measures on effectively organizing a new system and strictly control the targeted use of allocated funds. First of all, it is necessary to organize re-cropping on free household plots. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure placement and planting in household plots in August-September of “ninety-day” crops, such as onions, garlic and greens, taking into account the climatic conditions of each region. For this, it is necessary to take control over the supply of seeds, fuel and mineral fertilizers by “Tomorqa khizmati” enterprises. 

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