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15.08.2017 11:07

Reforms contribute to further development of the country

Reforms contribute to further development of the country
The visit of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to Almalyk has encouraged and inspired the city’s residents

Every inch of our country is equivalent to gold. For, it is a sacred country, providing our well-being with its fertility, containing almost all the elements of Mendeleev’s periodic table in its bowels. Where else can you find such land rich in fruits, vegetables, melons, and minerals that are recognized due to their high-quality international standards? The truth is that the priority criterion of reforms implemented in our country is to ensure the service of these gifts to people’s prosperous life, their confidence in the future.

At the meetings that took place during the visit of the President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev to Almalyk, including the ceremony devoted to the beginning of activity on the second stage of Almalyk mining and metallurgical combine, special attention was paid to issues of comprehensive development of the city, creating even more favorable conditions for the life of the population. The head of our state noted that Uzbekistan for the first time relies on its own strength and potential in the development of such mines. The views expressed by the President of our country during the visit, proposals on further improvement of the city and establishment of new production capacities aroused great interest not only among specialists but also among the general public.

Wedding – mirror of our spirituality

Henceforth, heads of departments of civil registration records will not be limited to just registering a marriage. A building of a department of civil registration records will be the venue for the wedding ceremonies for 200 guests. How many artists will perform at the celebration, what dishes will be on the table, what is the size of expenses – the hosts will know all about it in advance. The prevention inspector will control the order during the wedding.

These noble initiatives of the President of our country regarding the eradication of excess at weddings have deeply inspired our people, because they are consonant with the opinion of the general public. Measures taken in this direction will contribute to improvement of well-being of the population, changing the attitudes of people towards life and the family institution, strengthening their confidence in the future.

– Watching the extravagance of today’s weddings, I often recall the words of our ancestor-educator Makhmudkhodja Bekhbudiy that vices exhausting us are the result of our oddities at weddings and funeral rites. As you can see, we have not been able to get rid of this negative phenomenon for over a century, – says Hero of Uzbekistan Jonsaid Turdiyev. – The root of all evils, it seems to me, in the “competitiveness” that has arisen among people – who will better hold the wedding. We all together gathered in the makhalla, watched the speech of the President of our country at the meeting with youth, representatives of city public. When the head of our state said: “Now the justice authorities, the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan will be responsible for conducting family ceremonies, poor families in makhallas will be assisted in conducting weddings”, people loudly applauded with joy. The fact that henceforth the issue of conducting weddings is under public control will help to streamline organization of family celebrations on the basis of national values, without excess.

Reforms contribute to further development of the country

– We recently have conducted a wedding in our makhalla. Before that, the heads of families consulted with the makhalla activists and came to a decision to cut the cost of the wedding, and to save money on the purchase of household appliances for youth, – said Rano Erkulova, chairman of citizens’ gathering of the makhalla named after Khamid Alimdjan in Almalyk city. – After that, the makhalla activists agreed to apply this approach to every wedding.

The Memory Square in the center of Almalyk is always full of people. Newlyweds come here often, for whom it became a tradition to honor the memory of our compatriots, who sacrificed themselves in the name of our present peaceful and prosperous life. All conditions are created here for walks of the newlyweds.

– Today is my wedding, I came here with my friends and laid flowers on the Memory Square to honor the memory of our fathers and grandfathers who fought for our peaceful future, – says Kosim Mamajonov from Pskent. – The wedding will be held in Pskent, 200-250 people are invited to it. We, the youth, should realize that waste at weddings in many cases complicates further life of newlyweds.

Beauty of life

Almalyk is a city of miners. Creation of decent conditions for recreation of employees and their families contributes to the improvement of labor efficiency.

– The President’s visit to our city marked the beginning of a wide transformation. Construction of affordable multi-story houses, creation of new workplaces, organization of a small industrial zone will radically change our lives, – says worker Makhmud Karshiboyev. – We became very happy hearing that according to the master plan of the city of Almalyk, a new residential complex, socio-economic facilities, Seoul park based on the South Korean experience will be built. Implementation of these projects in the coming years will change Almalyk city look and further improve the standard of people’s living.

There is “Bolajon” (“Child”) park and an aqua park in Almalyk, but with the growth of the population and expansion of the city’s territory, according to its master plan, it will be necessary to create new parks and modern recreation areas. In Seoul park, which will be built in the oriental style, necessary conditions for recreation will be created taking into account local natural and climatic conditions, national traditions of our people combined with modern engineering communications. All this will contribute to ensuring a decent life of citizens and visitors of the city.

Indeed, large-scale activities are being carried out in Uzbekistan on socio-economic development of the regions, construction of new houses, modern infrastructure, and improvement of well-being of the population. These conveniences and modern conditions further strengthen people’s confidence in the state pursued by our President’s policy.

New prospects for the “Oydin” market

The President of our country during the visit noted that current appearance, the level of service in the dehkan market “Oydin” and the clothing market of Almalyk do not meet the requirements of today, that a project has been developed for a major reconstruction of these markets, construction of additional buildings and retail outlets.

We visited the “Oydin” market to learn about the impressions of sellers and buyers about this initiative of the head of our state.

The market is clean and tidy, the shopping arcades are painted, numbered, sellers serving in the same aprons with the logo of the market. We asked one of them about the President’s visit:

– I saw a report about the results of the visit on TV. Everyone in the market is talking about this. The President’s visit to our city, his participation in the laying of a new mine, most importantly – visiting our market and conducting a dialogue with people were very encouraging! August 11 will remain an unforgettable day in the history of Almalyk, because at the initiative of the head of our state a new mine – another large enterprise that will play an important role in the development of the country is laid.

Reforms contribute to further development of the country

The new project provides for the regulation of stationary sales outlets in the dehkan market, construction of a modern parking lot, pavilions for 450 places for the clothing market. Additional shopping arcades are built for the convenience of sellers and buyers. Several modern stores will be commissioned on the eve of the greatest, dearest holiday.

Special attention paid by the head of our state to issues of streamlining the activity of markets and turning them into modern trade complexes is fully understandable. So, part of the dehkan market “Oydin”, which is the largest market in the city, as well as the clothing market need to be repaired. Buildings and structures in the territory of the market are built disorderly.

Future of the national mining industry

Activities on the project “The second stage of Almalyk mining and metallurgical combine” are being carried out at a dynamic pace, the Yoshlik (Youth) mine has been laid within its framework.

– We are still feeling the excitement. The meeting of the head of our state with workers of the plant, naming the new mine Yoshlik as another sign of confidence in youth delighted young boys and girls not only of Almalyk, but the whole of our country, – says Bekhzod Salimov, leader of primary organization of the youth union of AMMC. – Employment of more than 10 thousand people will be provided in the new enterprise! In addition, 9 multi-storey houses for 400 families, a preschool educational institution and 2 hostels for 240 seats will be built for young specialists in 2017-2021. Is it possible not to rejoice when such projects of great importance for youth are implemented in our city?!

Through Bekhzod, we contacted Roziya Pulatova, a specialist of the copper-processing shop of the plant, who took part at the meeting of the President.

Answering our call, Roziyakhon first of all happily reported that she was among the first to enter Almalyk branch of Tashkent state technical university named after Islam Karimov: “I had a secondary special education. I dream of getting a higher education in the profession that interests me. Thanks to the special attention paid by our President to the youth, we are awarded the happiness to study in this branch. In addition to joy, I am also feeling a great responsibility. I am proud that I am the daughter of our country, in which ample opportunities are being created for young specialists. We will work selflessly for the sake of our Motherland and people!

Landscaped makhalla

There is “Sakhovat” makhalla in front of the building of the city khokimiyat. As in other parts of the city, in this makhalla, most of the multi-storey buildings are houses built more than a quarter of a century ago. Despite this, water and gas supply, heating and sewerage systems are working properly. The courtyards between the houses are landscaped, playgrounds are full of children.

– We wholeheartedly support the initiative of the President of our country on transferring the city under the patronage of Almalyk mining and metallurgical combine, – said Rano Mirzaboyeva, acting chairman of citizens’ gathering of “Sakhovat” makhalla. – Houses in which workers and employees of the plant live are under the “wing” of the AMMC, therefore they are comprehensively landscaped, cleanliness and order always reign here, there are all conditions for children. But, unfortunately, such a picture can be seen not in all multi-storey houses served by private housing partnerships.

Studying the living conditions of the population together with activists of the makhalla, we managed to talk with a young man who had come out of one of the houses with a little girl:

– I’m a prevention inspector of “Sakhovat” makhalla Javlonbek Nurmatov. Recently moved with my family in a three-room office apartment in this house. Before that, we had to travel 20 kilometers every day to get to the duty station. Therefore, I can confidently say that the initiatives of the President of our country on improving social and domestic conditions of prevention inspectors are positively influencing both our, inspectors’ life, and the life of the makhalla as a whole. Once the family is around, I can work day and night to ensure peace of the makhalla.

Convenient conditions, calm situation in the makhalla are important factors of high labor efficiency and satisfaction with life. If “Sakhovat” makhalla can serve as a positive example in this sense, then residents of houses along Birdamlik street have been unable to solve various everyday problems for a long time.

– We have an apartment on the fourth floor, – says Nigora Ramazonova, a resident of apartment No. 16 of the house No. 18a. – The roof leaks in our house. Despite our appeal to the partnership, no measures have been taken to eliminate the problem since the last year. Moreover, the basement of the house is flooded with sewage because of the failure of the sewage system.

Activities of some officials, who are more concerned not with the concerns of people, but with meetings and paperwork, undermine the authority of governmental departments in the eyes of ordinary people. The words of the President of our country that every khokim, prosecutor, head of the tax department and law enforcement bodies should familiarize themselves with the living conditions of families every three months, raised the spirit of not only residents of Almalyk, but all our compatriots.

The group of residents of the house No. 18a along Amir Temur street, which is served by the partnership of private owners of housing “Mukhlisa Bakhor Guli”, is unhappy that the waste is not taken out daily, so they suggest moving the waste collection point to another location. According to them, four containers are filled in one day, but the waste is taken out every three to four days. The waste collection point is located just a few meters from the house, an unpleasant smell from the landfill is carried far away. Moreover, there is a playground not far from the point. Responsible organizations are ignoring the appeals of residents. Residents of Almalyk are sure that after the President’s visit to the city, these and other issues worrying the townspeople will finally be solved.

And it is true that trips of the head of our state in the regions and districts are giving high results in socio-economic development of territories, elimination of pending problems through an open dialogue with people, the most important, contributing to creation of decent living conditions for people. The expressed opinions during the trip to Almalyk, the forwarded initiatives and proposals, the planned projects will serve to raise the economy of our country to a new level of development, strengthen people’s faith in justice and the state, will inspire for new achievements.

Abu Bakir Urozov, Matnazar Elmurodov, Bekhzod Bozorov, photo by Yolkin Shamsiddinov, UzA
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