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02.11.2018 22:16:10

Private school system to be developed based on foreign experience

The level of knowledge provision and learning that does not meet current requirements was criticized at the meeting on further development of public education system. The unsatisfactory state of work on organization of training-industrial complexes and their equipment for vocational training of 10th and 11th grade students was noted.

On the average in the country, 23 students study in one class, in the city of Tashkent and regional centers – 40 children. Uzbekistan has 13 students for each teacher, and in developed countries this figure does not exceed 10. It is necessary to reduce the number of students in one class, as well as their weekly study load by at least 5-10 percent, the Head of the state said.

The level of implementation of information technologies in general education schools cannot be called up-to-date. So, in some of them, obsolete programming languages are still taught in computer science, computer equipment has become unusable.

In this regard, instructions were given on critical study of provision of schools with computers, development of specific target programs on their equipment, introduction of modern methods of teaching informatics.

The task was set to develop a system of private schools based on the study of foreign experience.

Preparation of schools for autumn/winter season was also discussed at the meeting. It was noted that ministries of public education and finance, together with local khokimiyats, need to take measures on fully preparing schools for winter within two weeks.