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03.05.2018 20:38

President visited the complex named after Ishokhon Tura Ibrat

President visited the complex named after Ishokhon Tura Ibrat On the second day of the visit to Namangan region President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with construction activities carried out at the Memorial complex named after Ishokhon Tura Ibrat.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev, at the meeting with voters of Namangan region, which was held on November 2, 2016, forwarded the idea of perpetuating the name of the follower of progress, the enlightener Ishokhon Ibrat with the aim of recognizing his merits on the path of spiritual enlightenment of people, as well as creating modern garden in honor of the thinker, construction of the memorial complex and organization of Ibrat School.

Enlightener Ishokhon Ibrat was born in the 19th century in Turakurgan, he knew such languages as Arabic, Persian, Russian, Hindi, Urdu, English and French. He studied the most ancient Phoenician, Jewish, Syrian, Greek letters. He created dozens of works on linguistics, scientific, historical and educational works, among which the “Dictionary of six languages”, “Collection of scripts”, “Scales of time” should be specially noted. Already in 1886, Ibrat opened new progressive schools. In 1907 he organized a new school “Usuli Savtia”, in which he taught rural children.

As one of the first typographer of the country, Ibrat bought a lithographic machine in Orenburg in 1908, took it by train to Kokand, then on camels to Turakurgan and opened “Ishokiya” printing office in his house. This printing house operated until the 60s of the last century. Scientific-enlightenment books, brochures, national newspaper were published there, dozens of bookstores were opened for their distribution throughout the Fergana valley.

In July last year, within the framework of the visit to Namangan region, the Head of the state got acquainted with activities carried out in the complex and noted the need to improve this complex meaningfully, organize a special school under Namangan state university, establish specialized teaching of foreign languages in cooperation with Tashkent state university of Uzbek language and literature named after Alisher Navoi, Uzbekistan state university of world languages and Tashkent state institute of oriental studies. Gave instructions on creating necessary conditions for teachers and students, improvement of the territory of the complex.

President visited the complex named after Ishokhon Tura Ibrat

A large-scale creative work was carried out over the past period in the memorial complex named after Ishokhon Tura Ibrat, occupying an area of more than two hectares. The complex with the project cost of more than 13 billion sums includes the garden, in the center of which there is a monument to Ishokhon Tura Ibrat, a terrace in national style, a printing house, a musical fountain built on the basis of advanced technologies, a specialized 400-seat boarding school on learning foreign languages, a museum located in historical architectural building.

President visited the complex named after Ishokhon Tura Ibrat

This complex has become a worthy gift for the population, especially for youth of Namangan region. The garden, in which all conditions for substantial recreation of people are created, also contributes to enrichment of their spiritual world. In the museum you can get acquainted with the history of life and multifaceted activity of Ishokhon Ibrat. In Ibrat School young people are studying foreign languages. All this, as an integral complex, plays an important role in worthy evaluation of great achievements of the thinker before people, studying and promoting his heritage.

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