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07.07.2017 21:12

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev proposed to organize an association on development of capers in Namangan region

The head of our state Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with a plant specialized in production of chemical plant protection products, which is being built in Chust district.

It is planned to produce 28 kinds of preparations for protection of agricultural crops at the plant that is being established at the expense of funds of “Ifoda agro kimyo himoya” LLC and “Hamkorbank” loan. The project cost of the enterprise is 6,5 million dollars.

Introduction of the plant into operation will ensure the need of the domestic market for preparations that are currently being imported, as well as arrange their export.

The President of our country noted the need for close cooperation with scientific-research institutes in production of preparations, improving their quality and expanding export.

Presentation of projects was also held on growing walnut and pistachio plantations on low-profitable hilly lands, increasing the volumes of growing agricultural products by reducing the acreage of cotton and grain, starting cultivation of capers, developing poultry and goat breeding.

The head of our state emphasized the need for sharp reduction of ​​cotton and grain areas in those districts where their harvest is low, and where the work is at a loss. Instead, growing fruits and vegetables, melons that give a high income. People should receive a decent reward for their work.

Capers, which grow in some regions of our country, including Namangan region, their leaves, fruits and peel are used in traditional medicine as a remedy useful in treatment of tumors, diseases of respiratory tract, spleen, polyarthritis, goiter and as an antihistamine. This year it is planned to begin cultivation of this plant on more than 3 thousand hectares of areas in the region. Four harvests of capers can be collected per year, without using significant financial and labor resources.

The President of our country gave instructions to responsible officials on development of scientific basis for growing capers, development of an export mechanism, organization of an association for development of their growing.

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