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03.06.2017 10:40

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev inspects agricultural projects to be implemented in Andijon Region

In Ulughnor District of Andijon Region, there has been a presentation of a project of a stock raising complex for 2,000 cattle and 10,000 purebred goats and milk processing. This agricultural project’s detailed information has been provided for President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The Head of State said that the provision of quality milk and dairy products for the population is an important task.

The Evro Ekfin LLC in Boz District is using the most modern technologies to implement a project of processing milk into dairy products.

Today construction work is being carried out on the stock raising complex. 2,000 purebred cattle are to be kept here. This complex will provide jobs for 200 people. Once the complex is put into operation, 13 thousand tonnes of milk a year will be produced.

The Head of State gave proper recommendations on the further development of stock raising.

The necessity of giving comprehensive support to this project of the farm was emphasized.

A project of a poultry keeping complex of the Umid privately-owned enterprise in Asaka District was also looked at. Today the enterprise keeps 80 thousand poultry. Under the new project, 80 million eggs and 150 tonnes of poultry meat will be produced. Once this complex is put into operation, 100 people will be provided with permanent jobs.

In this country, special attention is being paid to the development of poultry farming and attracting investment to this sphere. Taking the demand for poultry meat into account, proper instructions were given to officials on working out new projects in this sphere.

Abu Bakir Orozov, UzA
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