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16.12.2017 16:09

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the activities of the specialized school of higher sportsmanship

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the activities of the specialized school of higher sportsmanship Along with other cities of the country, the image of the city of Nukus is being transformed from year to year, where modern residential buildings are being erected, recreational parks are being created, and sports complexes are being built.

Within the framework of the visit to the Republic of Karakalpakstan, the Head of our state got acquainted with the activities of the new school of higher sportsmanship in Nukus, which will train athletes in the Olympic and national sports.

Construction and installation activities for almost 15 billion sums have been completed for building a new sports complex, where there are all conditions for practicing 11 kinds of sports – freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, weightlifting, judo, taekwondo, boxing, fencing, rhythmic gymnastics. Over 700 boys and girls can exercise regularly in 7 gyms equipped with modern equipment, a dormitory, a dining room, and sports grounds with an artificial surface are also created for them.

It should be noted that this sports complex will be turned into a base for conducting training camps of the teams of Karakalpakstan in the above sports. This complex is the only one in the country on such facilities created for conducting training camps.

The President of our country spoke with young sportsmen involved in this complex.

First of all, I congratulate you on such a modern sports facility, said the President of our country. It has all the necessary conditions for being engaged in sports. Now, using the created opportunities, we need to achieve even better results.

The Head of our state gave instructions on creation of a Center for advanced training of sports trainers in Karakalpakstan under the complex, effective conduction of trainings.

Here on behalf of the President of our country the prizewinner of the prestigious weightlifting tournaments Rustam Jangaboyev was given the keys to the apartment, judoist Elyor Masharipov – the “Malibu” car, the prize-winner of the international fencing tournaments Zaynab Dayibekova – the “Nexia” car. Young sportsmen participating in trainings were presented memorable gifts.

Ziyodulla Jonibekov, photo by Okil Gulamov, UzA
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