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15.10.2017 13:30

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the activities of the regional theater

On October 15, the Head of our state Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Khorezm regional musical drama theater.

In accordance with the resolution of the President of our country “On measures of further development and improvement of the sphere of culture and art” of May 31 of this year, activities are continuing on development of the sphere, strengthening the material and technical base of theaters in accordance with modern requirements.

The building of Khorezm regional musical drama theater was built in 1975. At the initiative of the Head of our state major repairs of the building are carried out these days, including a hall for 572 spectators.

The theater will be provided with new stage decorations and structures, costumes, make-up materials and posters, curtains and other means.

The President of our country in a conversation with responsible employees of the theater expressed his proposals for further enriching the essence and content of its activities.

First of all, good works are needed in order to turn the theater into a real center of spirituality, said the Head of our state. Khorezm has a rich history. It is necessary to create stage works, telling about the great ancestors and heroes of our time.

Instructions are given on social support of creative workers, construction of modern houses for them, strengthening of the material and technical base of the theater. Particular attention was paid to issues of improving the skills of actors and directors, training young professionals.

Anvar Samadov, UzA
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