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09.11.2017 23:51

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with projects in the sphere of light industry

The Head of our state visited the industrial complex, organized on the territory of the former elevator plant in Samarkand, and got acquainted with projects implemented in the sphere of light industry.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev inspected samples of light industry products produced at enterprises of the region.

Activities are being consistently conducted on 19 projects, envisaged for implementation in 2017-2018, in accordance with the instructions given during the visit of the President of our country to the region on April 14-15 this year.

Sewing and knitting products, dyed knitted fabric, clothes produced in such enterprises as “Sam Rafoat Textile”, “March 8”, “Iman Tex”, “Samarkand Euro Asia Textile”, “Amin Invest International”, “Marokand Sifat” are sent not only to the domestic, but also the external market, which contributes to the growth of the potential of enterprises, creation of additional workplaces.

At present, activities are being conducted on new projects in a number of enterprises of Pastdargom, Samarkand, Bulungur and Akdarya districts. As a result, the volume of production of denim, finished clothing, velveteen, furniture fabrics, mixed and synthetic fabrics will expand.

The President of our country noted the importance of each workplace created in the industry, which is of particular importance in determining the prospects of enterprises and providing population with permanent job.

Information on the ongoing work on establishment of leather processing, leather and footwear production was provided.

The Head of our state examined household appliances manufactured at “Ideal Elektroluks” Uzbekistan – Turkey enterprise, refrigerators and freezers of “Sino” joint-stock company, gave instructions on promoting products to the foreign market, increasing export opportunities.

Matnazar Elmurodov, UzA
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