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14.10.2017 17:37

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev examined the Nurillaboy palace complex in Khiva

Khorezm region is rich in historical monuments and sights. The sphere of tourism is developing consistently as a result of their careful preservation, creating necessary conditions for tourists in the region.

According to historical information, the territory of this palace belonged to the local merchant Nurillaboy. The ensemble performed the function of a residence for the reception of foreign guests.

During the previous trip of the Head of our state to Khorezm region in January of this year, the responsible persons were instructed to reconstruct this complex at the level of modern requirements. According to the project, developed according to the recommendations of the President of our country, a hotel, a restaurant, a reception house, a gallery, and an amphitheater are built here, an exhibition of artisans is organized.

The exposition also includes historical photographs that were taken in Khorezm in the XIX-XX centuries, photos and films of the first Uzbek cameraman and photographer Khudoybergan Devonov. Visitors are greatly interested in exhibitions on “Traditional handicraft of Khorezm: history and modernity”, “Modern art of Uzbekistan: melodies, images, interpretation”.

Abu Bakir Urozov, UzA
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