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President pardons a group of convicted women sentenced imprisonment

On the occasion of the International Women's Day, within the framework of the initiative expressed by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to pardon a group of convicted women sentenced imprisonment, working groups were created from among members of Presidential Commission on pardoning and representatives of other responsible agencies, which provided for studying personal affairs of convicted persons and conducting individual interviews with them with direct field visits.

Following the results of the work, the Head of the state, having approved the Commission 's proposal to pardon a group of convicted women who violated law, but realized the illegality of their actions, sincerely repented of what they had done and firmly embarked on the path of correction, signed a Decree “On pardoning a group of convicted women sentenced imprisonment in connection with International Women's Day”.

83 women sentenced imprisonment have been pardoned by the Decree.

12 pardoned women among them are released from imprisonment in full, 29 are released on parole, appointed punishment on 17 women is replaced with a more lenient one, in short, 58 women are released from prison institutions. In addition, appointed punishment on 25 convicted women are reduced.

7 pardoned women among them are citizens of foreign countries.

This event is a practical manifestation of noble qualities inherent in Uzbek people, such as respect for women, generosity, charity, humanism and ability to forgive.

Within the framework of implementation of the Decree, responsible ministries and agencies have been instructed to assist pardoned women in returning to their families, social adaptation, engaging in useful work, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking a worthy place in society.

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