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01.01.1970 06:00:00

President of Uzbekistan visited the “Dorut tilovat” complex in the historical center of Shakhrisabz

According to the custom, the memory of the deceased was honored, the surahs from the Quran were read.

The “Dorut tilovat” complex, which was formed at the end of the 14th and early 15th centuries, includes the Kuk Gumbaz mosque, the Sheikh Shamsiddin Kulal mausoleum, and the shrine of Gumbazi Sayidon. “Dorut tilovat” means “The place of reading the Quran”.

The Kuk Gumbaz mosque was built in 1434-1435 by the great scientist and statesman Mirzo Ulugbek on behalf of his father Shokhrukh in honor of his grandfather Amir Temur. Their names and years of construction are imprinted above the entrance arch.

The mausoleum of Sheikh Shamsiddin Kulal was erected at the end of the 14th century. Shamsiddin Kulal al-Fohuri was the mentor and spiritual father of Amir Temur and his father Taragay Bahodur. He died in 1370. Amir Temur erected a mausoleum over his grave.

The Gumbazi Sayidon shrine was built in 1437 by the order of Mirzo Ulugbek. There are several tombstones inside, dating from the 15th-17th centuries. Termez seyids are buried here. Seyids – the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad – enjoying special reverence, so the shrine is called Gumbazi Sayidon, that is, the “dome of the seyids”.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev talked with religious figures. The noble activity carried out in our country on improving the well-being of people was specially mentioned.