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President exchanges views with people

President exchanges views with people
A meeting with managers and residents of Sergeli district was held in Eco Park.

“Today I came here to find out what concerns our people in the current difficult situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic and to discuss together what else needs to be done to improve their lives”, said the Head of the state.

Investment projects, developed for Sergeli district, were considered.

In particular, this year it is planned to implement 61 investment projects worth 1.8 trillion UZS and create more than 5 thousand jobs.

22 projects involving foreign investment worth $83 million will be also implemented.

For example, Tashkent Pipe Plant together with Chinese partners will launch the production of 500 thousand tons of sheet metal per year. This year, $85 million will be invested in this project.

Due to narrowing the Chirchik riverbed to 65-80 meters on its 16-kilometer section, a reserve of 565 hectares of land will be created in Bektemir and Sergeli districts. It will be possible to create 160 thousand new jobs by implementing new investment projects here. Responsible persons were instructed to work out this issue in detail.

The Head of the state noted the need for developing small businesses, increasing employment and reducing poverty by supporting initiatives of the population.

A number of projects are being implemented to develop transport and utility infrastructure. In particular, Uzbekistan Railways is building Sergeli overground subway with a length of 7 kilometers and a cost of $83 million. The task was set to put this line into operation in September 2020.

Instructions were given to improve sewer and heat networks, modernize centralized heating by converting it to a closed system.

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