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10.08.2018 21:08

President congratulates construction workers

President congratulates construction workers
The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan sincerely congratulated all those who are making a worthy contribution to development of the country’s construction industry with a professional holiday – Construction Workers Day.

The President noted that he sees in construction workers the representatives of the noble profession, who are building new industrial enterprises, important social facilities, houses, modern bridges and overpasses in the cities and villages of the country, making life even more prosperous.

The Head of the state emphasized that today Uzbekistan has actually become a huge construction site. This year, according to standard projects, it is planned to erect 28 435 affordable houses with a total area of 3.5 million square meters. According to the Investment Program for 2018, large-scale activity is being carried out on construction, reconstruction and overhaul of 1114 social facilities.

The President noted that construction of Kandym gas processing complex, known as the “miracle in the steppe”, new free economic zones, large facilities in industrial zones, various communication networks is the result of painstaking and honorable work of construction workers.

“I am sure that Uzbekistan builders, possessing high professional qualities, mobilizing all their knowledge and experience, strength and capabilities, will cope with fulfillment of these important tasks with honor”, the President noted.

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