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08.12.2018 21:02

President congratulates agricultural workers of Uzbekistan

President congratulates agricultural workers of Uzbekistan
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev congratulated people of Uzbekistan on Agricultural Workers Day and expressed his best wishes.

“Our people, who every day gratefully use the results of your hard work, dear farmers, know very well how difficult the current agricultural season turned out to be. Indeed, severe drought, unexpected torrential rains and winds in spring, sultry heat and water scarcity for irrigation in summer, early autumn rainfall, as well as various pests and plant diseases have become a serious challenge for the country’s agricultural workers”, noted the President.

Despite all these difficulties, they managed to harvest 6 million 124 thousand tons of grain, 2 million 300 thousand tons of cotton, 8 million 661 thousand tons of vegetables, 2 million 411 thousand tons of potatoes, 1 million 607 thousand tons of melons, about 2 million 100 thousand tons of fruit, 1 million 314 thousand tons of grapes, 18 thousand tons of cocoons, 1 million 789 tons of meat, 7 million 830 thousand tons of milk. In general, for the year of hard work, agricultural products worth 58 trillion 181 billion UZS were produced.

The Head of the state, on behalf of people and on his own behalf, sincerely expressed to all the farmers, great gratitude for their tireless and noble work.

“Next year, it is planned to allocate almost 1.7 trillion UZS from the state budget to improvement of the ameliorative state of irrigated lands, as well as 84 million USD from international financial institutions”, said the President.

Next year, in the sphere, it is planned to implement a number of investment projects worth 1 billion 870 million USD, which testifies to how significant the amount of work to be done and the responsibility is high.

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