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Political parties urged to become active participants in democratic processes

Political parties urged to become active participants in democratic processes
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev met on August 22 with the leaders of political parties in the country.

At the meeting, issues of increasing the role of parties in socio-political life, preparation for the elections to the national parliament and local representative bodies of government due in December this year, and other pressing matters in this area were discussed in detail.

Today, Uzbekistan is at a new stage of its development, deep democratic reforms are underway in all areas. In accordance with the Actions Strategy implemented in the country, special attention is paid to the consolidation of principles of a multi-party system, political pluralism, openness and publicity.

Currently, there are five political parties in Uzbekistan, namely, the Milliy Tiklanish (National Revival) Democratic Party, the People’s Democratic Party, the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople – the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, the Adolat (Justice) Social Democratic Party and the Ecological Party. A solid legislative framework has been created that provides the necessary conditions for political parties to implement their ideas and programs, ensure their active participation in elections on the basis of equality, openness and objectivity, shape factions and party groups in the parliament and local representative bodies of government, and extensively participate in public and political life in general. The adopted Electoral Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan opens up even greater opportunities on this front.

Speaking at the meeting, the Head of the state noted thus that “a political party can be considered a political force only when it keeps pace with the times, able to meet the stringent requirements of our day”.

Political parties urged to become active participants in democratic processes

Elections to the Oliy Majlis and local Kengashes of people’s deputies are the most important political event in the life of the country. Indisputably, they will come to be a great political school both for political parties as much as for all our people.

Conducting elections on principles of multi-party system and alternative choice, openness and transparency, in accordance with generally recognized democratic standards largely depends on the extent of preparation of parties for the voting process, their active participation in electoral campaigns that reflect deeply thought-out goals and strategies.

The national electoral law stipulates that only political parties nominate candidates. This provides parties with great rights and opportunities, yet at the same time places a great responsibility on them.

Naturally, in preparation for the elections, each party will develop its own political program, platform, come up with new ideas, nominate people who have earned respect and authority in society. In short, heated struggle is ahead.

During the meeting, the participants deliberated on the features and significance of the forthcoming elections, ideas and objectives with which the parties will enter this crucial process, such issues as boosting the activity of the electorate, educating young people in the spirit of love and devotion to the Motherland, fostering leadership qualities, invigorating the activities of party organizations.

“Regardless of party affiliation, all our compatriots are united by a common goal – building a great future for our native Uzbekistan. This is what urges us all to faithfully serve the Motherland,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted.

Political parties urged to become active participants in democratic processes

Particular attention was drawn to the fact that during the elections, in conditions of democratic pluralism of opinion, it is essential to show tolerance inherent in our people, as well as political and legal culture. The importance of strict observance of provisions of the electoral law during the election campaign using modern information technologies was emphasized.

At the meeting, activities of political parties based on the requirements of the time and the extensive reforms in progress in the country, as well as elaboration of practical proposals for improvement and efficiency of their work were thoroughly considered.

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