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06.02.2019 23:17

Permanent export headquarters to be organized in Uzbekistan

At the meeting, dedicated to the most important tasks of increasing export volumes in the sectors of the economy and regions, it was noted that permanent export headquarters will be organized in each region, district and city of Uzbekistan. A system covering the process of optimal placement of export-oriented crops, providing farms with qualitative seeds and seedlings, harvesting without loss, sorting, packaging, storage and processing, the delivery of products to foreign market will be formed under their leadership. At the same time, these headquarters will help resolve issues of internal and external logistics, certification, increase the export of small business and, if necessary, provide loans for replenishing working capital.

In accordance with these tasks, the regional, district and city headquarters will include representatives of territorial administrations and departments of republican agencies in economics, agriculture, transport, energy, customs, standardization, quarantine and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as commercial banks.

At the meeting it was noted that headquarters in the regions are obliged to constantly work with exporters and promptly solve their problems. The results of the implemented activities will be entered into the database and monitored online.

The ministers and heads of business associations will be responsible for the implementation of the export forecast in the supervised industries.

For example, Uztuqimachiliksanoat (Uzbekistan Textile Industry) Association will be responsible for the entire cycle from production of raw cotton in clusters to the export of all textile products produced in the country.

The need was noted for expanding production of goods with high added value with the use of modern technologies in industries.

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