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01.08.2018 00:28

Non-conclusion of contracts negatively affects the payment of advance to farmers

At the meeting devoted to issues of accelerating development of cotton plant, re-cropping, efficient use of household plot and export of agricultural products, the unsatisfactory state of work on concluding contracts for purchasing re-crop products with processing enterprises, exporters and procuring organizations was noted.

Thus, agreements on purchasing 23 percent of re-crop products in Karakalpakstan, 27 percent in Tashkent region, 53 percent in Bukhara region have not been concluded with exporters. The same situation is observed on conclusion of contracts with processing enterprises and procuring organizations.

Non-conclusion of contracts negatively affects the payment of advance to farmers. Up to now, processing enterprises have paid only 10 percent of the advance, exporters – 11 percent, procuring organizations – 38 percent. It seems that nobody cares about the issue of what will happen to a dehkan if contracts are not concluded, advances are not paid. In order to eliminate this problem as soon as possible, responsible persons were given instructions on taking measures in five days to conclude contracts for the purchase of re-crop products and to complete advance payments within ten days.

At the same time, it is necessary to take under strict control the allocation in a short period of time of credits required by processing enterprises, exporters and procurement organizations for payment, to develop and implement an effective system of supplying re-crop products under concluded contracts and to take measures on harvesting crop without losses.

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